The opening reception of Jee-Hoon Choi Memorial Exhibition

Many friends, parents and people who knew Jee-Hoon attended at the opening reception of Jee-Hoon Choi Memorial Exhibition at the Gallery Bennett, Englewood, NJ on March 24, 2012.

This is a collection of friends from NJ, CMU, teachers, and family.


Jee Hoon created the tattoo design with his name and a sign of animal in his birth year, 1989.

Garage Bar

JeeHoon had decorated and painted his house’s garage to make it into a garage bar for everyone who needed to be stress free during the school times in Pittsburgh.

Wine Labels by Bo

“I designed the brand new wine lables using the Jeehoon’s artwork for brand new wine which are Jeehoon’s father and his friends femented grapes to make wine at 2011.” – Jee’s Mother, Bo Woo

I look at my work as a way of showing my opinions of the consequences of materialism and popular culture in today’s society.

-Jee Hoon Choi


Not sure where I got this. Can anyone help or provide some details on how it was made?

Adaptation 1

18″ x 24″
Relief Reduction Print