This was a great night with Jee!

Alike many nights of celebrating the weekend in Sullivans basement we played flip cup tournaments that would instantly turn into Old Tappan verses Northvale. Those nights were always such a blast and Jee was always a must have on the NV team and a must have at the party period! Jee was a great person to know and his memory and positivity will never let me forget how much life Jee really had.

The opening reception of Jee-Hoon Choi Memorial Exhibition

Many friends, parents and people who knew Jee-Hoon attended at the opening reception of Jee-Hoon Choi Memorial Exhibition at the Gallery Bennett, Englewood, NJ on March 24, 2012.

This is a collection of friends from NJ, CMU, teachers, and family.

The Shore Crew

“what shall we listen to? how bout ‘Track 8’ again!”

Fast times at OT high

“Fast times at OT high. just another friday night with the crew” – fitz.

but seriously, this picture rocks!

I’m guessing 2006?

Beach Day

Beach day with the boys (circa 2006)

Raging Tampa

Jee, Charlie, Dan, Liz, Masia, and Bass in Tampa

Down the Shore – Summer 2009

Rory. Jee. Danny.

down the shore… summer of 2009.

Jee + Len Playing Beer Pong

I think this is at Brophy’s cousin’s in 2007.

Gaspy 2010

Mattiace, Brophy, Flynn, Jee Hoon